The facility

We have partnered with Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLC to generate a floor plan and preliminary images.  The complex is being designed to handle all the needs of a vibrant and growing community with spaces for:

Swimming Lessons and Water Safety

Therapy and Low-impact Exercise Programs

Competitive Swim Teams

Diving Instruction


To accommodate all of these varied needs, our facility will cover more than 34,000 square feet and will contain two separate pools.  One pool will be warm water and the other will be for lap swimming and competitive swim teams.

We are presently in the process of exploring potential collaborations with interested community partners.  Although we are too early in the process to have any news to report, our project has been favorably received by the groups we have shared it with to date.  We hope to have additional information to report regarding partnerships in the near future.  

Versatile Design

This facility is being designed in a way that it may be operated as a stand-alone facility, as part of a park district, or in conjunction with a school district.